Choosing the right tires-

A-1 Truck & Auto sells, installs, and repairs tires. Whether you’re looking for economy, durability, or performance, our trained technicians will help you select the best tire in your budget to meet your needs!

Our broad selection includes all-season and winter specialty tires for passenger vehicles, low profile, racing, and performance tires, off-road and all-terrain tires, tires for heavy equipment and commercial vehicles, and more.

Let us know about your tire needs. Our expert technicians will help you select great tires and install them for you. A-1 Truck & Auto will exceed your expectations.

A-1 sells Used Tires

Sometimes our cars need tires when it’s really inconvenient. Whether you plan on trading in soon, or you just need time to budget for a new set, used tires may help fill the gap.